Miguel is Videl’s loving mom and Mr. Satan’s belated spouse, this woman is mentioned in Deities, Devils, and Doing the Dirty by Mark himself her”his hot asian wife” as he calls.

She actually is never ever observed in the anime or manga, and is deceased, according towards the Daizenshuu.

Appearance Edit

Miguel http://www.sweetbrides.net/ bears rememblance that is striking her child, Videl: they both have actually blue eyes, pale epidermis skin, and (previously short locks once she had been a teen before she became a lovely singer) very very long right black hair reaching to her sides.

She had a beautiful, slender, slim figure and an appealing, angelic look being similar height and fat as her child.

Miguel share her hairstyle along with her child, Videl, but hers had been initially quick (central center component or side bangs front side), and expanded very long reaching down her sides, before she married Mr. Satan and had kids.

She wore a white gown that reached her top knees, black colored tights, and white loafers with an extended braided ponytail and gold hair videos before her child wore them as an adolescent.

The Golden Hair pieces that Videl wears into the low pigtails reaching her shoulder in her teenager years (Buu Saga) really belonged to her belated mom, Miguel.

Being a youngster videl had been constantly fascinated with these locks pieces because to her they certainly were breathtaking, and she’d constantly attempt to wear them to relax and play imagine. In this screenshot, Videl manages to get a store, but none for the locks add-ons are to her taste.

Hercule always enjoyed Miguel’s long black colored locks, blue eyes, her attractive angelic beauty look along with her caring, sweet and mild character.

Personality Edit. Miguel distributed to the similar characters along with her son that is oldest:

Jimmy, she is kind-hearted, friendly, courteous, caring, sweet by having a mild character.

She had been a good and friendly girl who had been in front of her time, yet gentle and friendly most abundant in gorgeous vocals and friend that is best with Danielle.

She ended up being just like a protector that is caring her son and child in accordance with her spouse. Miguel ended up being strong in her very own way that is own she actually is perhaps perhaps perhaps not fazed effortlessly and even would place the requirements of other people before hers.

She caught him out afterwards, but at that time she was already undoubtedly enamored by their comical, but charm that is charismatic a way. She did remind him though in an attempt to never to lie, as lying does indeed get one out of difficulty. Because she believes that her spouse may be the caring, kind-hearted and funny guy to makes her laugh.

Biography Edit Miguel came to be in Age 737 additionally the breathtaking singer regarding the world most abundant in stunning vocals.

A daughter named Videl was born in Age 757, who love her husband and children loved dearly at the point in the past, Miguel married a martial artist, Mr. Satan in Age 755, the couple would to have a single daughter, and later giving birth.

Sooner or later, Miguel passed away at infection after Videl’s delivery, she’s want her earliest son to deal with his small sibling, and left Mr. Satan widow and raised to their kids by himself.

Miguel appears alike her youngest child bears a striking commemoration she passed away at childbirth and a best friend of Shaun and Danielle between them, Videl, the day of her birth.

Miguel knew that her health had been poor after Videl’s delivery from a Jimmy was born and knew she wasn’t going to live for long and passed away at childbirth year.

After Miguel died, it had been revealed that Miguel covered them in a gift-box that is small was going to provide them with to Videl really as a present on the child’s 11-year-old birthday celebration.

Miguel knew that her wellness had been poor after Videl’s birth and knew she was not planning to live for very long and telling her son that is oldest to deal with their more youthful cousin and start to become an inspired, intelligent, knowledge, type, and strong child while he is cries in the mom’s hands. She told Hercule to place the gold hair pieces in a tiny gift-box, and ensure that it stays until she reaches the beginning of her teenager years. The present would symbolize exactly how Miguel by by herself would have gotten them as something special at the beginning of her teenager years, the start to your journey to be a lady that is young. It might be one thing to consider her mother by.

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