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Cases, Paper Boxes and Lens Cloth

  • Hard cases: Our specialty since over 20 years. Our production line is now 100% based in Cambodia.
  • Hand made case: Khmer workers are very meticulous people helping handmade cases to get a very good finish while taking advantages of lower costs
  • Stitched cases and EVA: Cambodia being primarily a garment manufacturing country, we benefit from easy yet skilled recruitment.
  • Lens cloths: Cut and printed in Cambodia.
  • Paper boxes and other accessories: Printed and assembled in Cambodia.
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Displays and Other Items

  • Paper and carton display: All printed displays are made in Cambodia. Can also be made in China.
  • Acrylic, wood and metal displays: Made in China to your specifications and to the highest industry standard.
  • Furnitures, towers and other glorifiers: Made in China
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