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1. The division of studies (DepEd) fears the encased tips about send of Learners’ School record, which establishes standard activities and practices on the request, and launch of learners’ type 137 (Permanent tape) and version 138 (review Card) to all general public institutions all over the country.

2. This approach aims to ensure the sleek and reliable seeking and delivering of students’ faculty record without inconveniencing the learners and parents.

3. All DepEd commands and other associated issuances, rules, and specifications, which can be contradictory with this specific strategy, were hereby repealed, rescinded, or improved appropriately.



I. Reason

There are two main standard class records that demonstrate the learner’s account and academic and extra-curricular rankings: Form 137, called the Permanent Record, containing the learner’s shape and historical educational record, and version 138 or the review credit which will show the educational abilities of a student in a provided university yr. DepEd Order Number 8, s. 2015, the class evaluation insurance, presented the rules to the facts become a part of paperwork 137 and 138.

Type 138 was supplied to marks 1 to 10 students every end of the grading years while levels 11 to 12 will receive it every stop semester. Following the college seasons, type 138 is definitely a required paper for a learner enroll to another rating levels considering that it furthermore indicates the learner’s advertising reputation. Conversely, faculty authorities request for the discharge of type 137 of levels 1 to 12 learners which shift to another one school or change from elementary to alternate.

When you look at the absence of definitive methods, the procedure of requesting and launching of certified faculty record of learners changes per university. This insurance shall set up the processes are adopted through faculty in controlling the learner’s college documentation when students enroll, move schools, and ask for important forms for other appropriate uses.

Two. Extent of Approach

This purchase will develop typical procedures and practices within the consult and launch of students’ type 137 (Permanent report) and version 138 (review Card) in institutions and Schools unit organizations (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Concept Of Phrases

  1. Version 137 (lasting Record) – permanent school student record exhibiting the historic educational and co-curricular record for the learner
  2. Form 138 (review Card) – report expressing the scholastic functionality of a student in certain college spring
  3. Obtaining class – the school seeking for long-lasting files of a moving learner
  4. Coming Faculty – the college releasing the lasting lists of a transferring student

IV. Rules Statement

The section hereby confirms the normal steps and methods in requesting and delivering of learner’s class reports. This method abides by the DepEd’s sight, purpose and main standards and subscribes to the ideas of:

a. totally free, premium basic education;

b. visibility and accountability;

c. Accessibility and prompt discharge of learners’ faculty lists; and

d. Security and confidentiality of students’ registers.

Standards on Learner’s College Registers

This insurance policy details the typical methodologies through the pass of learners’ class records. This policy knowledge the functions in seeking the long-term faculty data (kind 137) for a powerful send of forms without inconveniencing the mother and father and also the students.

So that the reliable launch and transport of learners’ faculty records, here shall be observed:

a. The transfer of records of students need to be made simple and fast without encumbering the learners and folks. But this should maybe not damage the privacy and security of school data.

b. obtaining universities shall safe all Permanent record (kind 137) ly incoming learners ahead of the end of 1st grading time. For transferred-in students throughout faculty season, pass of records will be protected thirty dating app for chinese days (30) through the first-day of faculty presence.

c. Learners and/or her folks or guard usually are not allowed to hand-carry the lasting data (Form 137) to your obtaining faculty.

d. In case of unavailability of kind 137 as a result of situation beyond all of our regulation, the review on offers (Faculty type 5) can be used as substitute, which is available during the institutions department Office (SDO).

e. The Learner Know-how method (LIS) will be employed as system inside the ask and release of learner school registers; ergo the purchase shall strictly become within the acquiring and coming schools just.

The below methods must be implemented to improve the inquire and launch system:

A. School-to-School Exchange of Type 137

The bulk of deals on transfer of learner’s faculty history ordinarily take place during enrolment duration and bash starting of classes. To assist in the sleek and fast exchange of lists, the flowchart below represent the process of consult and discharge of students’ version 137between the obtaining university and originating faculty;